Sign to Stay

Every week 125 people in the UK take their own lives. 17.6 of those people are deaf or hearing impaired. and yet, the majority of mental health and suicide prevention focuses on telephone hotlines.

EXPANSION – Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience

EXPANSION is Lexington, KY’s Psychedelic Experience and Music Festival. We pride ourselves on being just as visually-stunning as the music that’s on stage. Lexington has a great, tight-knit creative community of musicians and visual artists and the event gives them both a platform to showcase their work.

Vomit Comics

One fine day I sat on my stoop, attempting to “live in the present” – as all the hustle-culture articles said I should be doing – while absorbing some much needed Vitamin D.

Careless Bears

Introducing the Careless Bears NFT collection. This 100 1:1 uniquely hand drawn non-programmatically generated Careless Bears collection has been the most ambitious side hustle I’ve ever created. Cause frankly it has consumed my life, my nights and weekends when I’m not working my full-time job.

Rex In Peace

Rex In Peace is an ongoing photo project about the culture of animal burial around the world.

Bad Blends

Welcome to Bad Blends – an interactive bad smoothie adventure. You choose what horrible ingredients to put into a smoothie, and I’ll drink it.

Little Creeps

Little Creeps are the unapologetically vibrant, wildly diverse and terrifyingly cute denizens of a post-humanity Earth. Since 2015, I’ve been collaborating with writer / best bud Evan O’Donovan to discover, document, and breathe life into each new Creep that plunges through the fabric of spacetime and into our previously peaceful lives.

All In Podcast Intro

This is the new podcast into for my favorite podcast. I had been watching this podcast and the intro was what looked like a template from an iPhone app and as a creative, it really distracted me.