Vomit Comics

One fine day I sat on my stoop, attempting to “live in the present” – as all the hustle-culture articles said I should be doing – while absorbing some much needed Vitamin D. But as I looked around at the puffy clouds floating overhead and the lone bee scrounging for pollen, all I saw was vomit. Having come off a year of living through a pandemic (and having too much time to think about and research all the other horrid things going on in the world), every beautiful scene in front of me was colored by my disappointment in humanity. And it made me want to puke. 

Thus Vomit Comics was born. A silly illustration series that depicts my efforts to appreciate the good and fascinating things which persist in the world, while my subconscious knowledge of humanity’s failures insists on filtering that goodness through existential dread. These illustrations help me to continue to find wonder in my surroundings. They also help me laugh off the existentialism by channeling it into absurd images. After all, it’s hard to stay disappointed when I see a cloud barfing rain onto happy little flowers.