Little Creeps

Little Creeps are the unapologetically vibrant, wildly diverse and terrifyingly cute denizens of a post-humanity Earth. Since 2015, I’ve been collaborating with writer / best bud Evan O’Donovan to discover, document, and breathe life into each new Creep that plunges through the fabric of spacetime and into our previously peaceful lives. We’ve found over 175 to date, with countless more lurking around every corner.

What began as a way to give structure to years of goofy monster doodles has evolved into a years-long world building mission, a creative playground for me to learn new techniques and try out new mediums. As freeing as the creative profession can be, it isn’t without its rules. Client feedback, internal reviews, deadlines, revisions . . . Little Creeps devour them all and deliver endless freedom of exploration and collaboration. 3D design, weirdo poetry, homemade toys, murals, apparel, fan tattoos (really), custom skateboard decks—the opportunities and experiences that these tiny terrors have opened up to me deliver not only much-needed balance from a hectic professional life, but the excitement and joy of being able to indulge in what, to me, is the ultimate Side Project.