Why We Should Not Stop at Just Remaking MGS by Saul Ed Sinek

We remade an article about remakes into a hardcover book.


The Snake Soup is one of the oldest Hideo Kojima fansites. Hideo Kojima is a Japanese game designer most known for the 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid, or MGS.

In 2019 we had “Saul Ed Sinek” write an op-ed as an April Fools’ joke for The Snake Soup. It was an absurdist take on nostalgic consumerism fueling reboots and remakes, arguing that not only should MGS be remade again, but so too should everything else—games, movies, music, even artists themselves—again and again.

The satirical article was received with a lot of laughs, some bitterness from gamer bros, and someone on Twitter declaring it, ‟The worst thing [they] ever read.”


For April Fools’ Day 2021, the article was remade into a “next generation” hardcover book. This remake featured epigraphs from some of the many adaptations of The Great Gatsby, a preface almost as long as the ~1,000-word original article itself, and a table of contents.

Why We Should Not Stop at Just Remaking MGS by Saul Ed Sinek was published on April 1st and sold in bookstores worldwide. Metal Gear fans around the world enjoyed the numerous references and inside jokes, playing along with the fictional Sinek’s call for an ultra-consumerist future.

The medium literally became the message by lampooning the modern trend in media of rebooting and remaking everything.