Careless Bears

Introducing the Careless Bears NFT collection.

This 100 1:1 uniquely hand drawn non-programmatically generated Careless Bears collection has been the most ambitious side hustle I’ve ever created. Cause frankly it has consumed my life, my nights and weekends when I’m not working my full-time job.

On August 30th, after 6 months of networking and drawing, I dropped the first 5 Careless Bears on Opensea at 9am EST and within 5 minutes all 5 NFTs were sold out for 0.05 ETH. Two days later another 5 bears dropped and they sold out in 3 minutes. And two days after that 5 more bears were gone in 1 minute.

When you set out to be an artist in the NFT space, it takes a ton of ambition, commitment, resilience and courage to understand the dynamics of how this works. Its the Wild Wild West out there and the format, how you have to network across Twitter, Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse to build your name, your brand, and build hype behind your work is a ton of work in addition to the work you are trying to create. But, the results have been incredible.

5 days after the third drop I was invited to do a drop party on the NFT Super Show in Clubhouse (a room of 250+ people) for my next drop on September 8th. At 1230am EST 10 bears were sold out in a matter of seconds. Shortly after the Careless Bears were featured on _NFT_Promo_, NFT Collectors Club, NFT Hunters and Mr. Zan to name a few.

Only 100 unique Careless Bears will ever be created. Every single NFT from the Careless Bears Collection is hand drawn. I purposely put a dramatic emphasis on the art. Nothing in this collection is programmatically generated. This makes each and every one intrinsically… one of a kind. Additional rarity and what defines rarity (perhaps through hidden utilities 😉 will be revealed over time through special clues and riddles.

Each and every bear in the collection is hand drawn and uniquely crafted to express the lovable carelessness in all of us.

Not a single bear, nor any of it’s traits, is programmatically generated in any way.

They are cute, huggable, twisted little bears made just for you.
Only 100 bears will ever exist.



25 bears sold
2 giveaway Bears (promoted on Twitter which increased @kahncept twitter following from 325 as of Aug 1st of 2021 to 1800+ as of Sept 16th)
2 bears gifted
29 Careless Bears out of 100 are gone
22 Owners
0.35 ETH is the current floor price
2.5 ETH volume traded

The next big drop of 21 bears will be on Sept 22nd. The entire collection will commence in October of this year.

Check out for the NFT collection.

Go to -> https://WeMakeIt.Fun for the roadmap to building this collection and community.