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Taking the Leap

What does it take to leave your comfy full time job and take the full time leap into your side project?

Turning Rad Ideas Into Reality

Producer and figure-it-out guru, Antonietta Croft will share with you how she turns rad ideas into reality, breaking down budgets and timelines to make sh*t happen.

Building a Passion Business

Take a seat and get inspired by some of the most creative minds sharing their stories of creating a business that they are passionate about.

The Essential Time Management Guide

Colleen will be here to teach mere mortals how to make the most out of their time, set priorities and add in a side hustle or two on top of that 9 to five, to keep the creative passions alive.

Is This Working?

Hear tips & tricks on how to stand out, disrupt, and ultimately get seen from some of the best agencies in the world.

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