EXPANSION – Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience

EXPANSION is Lexington, KY’s Psychedelic Experience and Music Festival. We pride ourselves on being just as visually-stunning as the music that’s on stage. Lexington has a great, tight-knit creative community of musicians and visual artists and the event gives them both a platform to showcase their work.

I originally began EXPANSION because I was tired of our city only getting mid-week shows with poor audience turnout to some of the most explosive and energetic artists. When only a handful of people would show up, why would they want to come back? We soon began to see those bands choose Louisville, Cincinnati and Nashville over Lexington. EXPANSION cultivates the psych scene in a way that proves we have an active fanbase that will support these kinds of shows.

Music festivals have always been where I feel most inspired. Where I discover new music, artists and make so many new friends. We usually have to travel several hours for these types of events, however. EXPANSION brings the energy and creativity of live shows you’d find in Austin, Chicago, LA, etc. right here to Lexington, KY.