Ad Adderall

A book of spells and cheat codes for ad creatives.

Talk to a Creative Director

Talk To A Creative Director is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s a platform where people who are trying to make their way in a creative industry can talk – for free – with a Creative Director

Blueburst – Significance

After 20 years of musical hibernation, guitarist/vocalist (and ad guy) Craig Douglas Miller has reemerged with Significance, the debut album from Blueburst, a collaboration with Marty Willson-Piper, former guitarist from The Church.

Creative Director Dice

The world’s first tactical feedback generator designed to get the most busy and least competent CDs through creative reviews.

Tarot Bean

What does your cuppa say about you? Tarot Bean is a set of tarot cards inspired by your daily cup o’ joe. Paired with a tarot reading, these cards aim to inspire and uplift during these trying times.

Pyle of Memories, The Book

“Pyle of Memories” is a hilarious and heartwarming book of short stories written by 36 authors as a fundraiser for dementia research.

Functioning: A Sobriety Podcast

Alcoholism isn’t funny, but recovery is… kinda. Functioning: A Sobriety Podcast focuses on the recovery of functioning alcoholics and rock bottom risers with an insightful humor that brings light to a heavy subject.

Soul of South Korea

Not just BTS, Blackpink and Gangnam Style. There is more to South Korea than people think.