Mingle’s House

Mingle is an inter-dimensional scavenger who scours the vast expanses of time and space for objects to bring pleasure and joy to mankind!

@himynameismatthew TikTok account

@himynameismatthew is a TikTok account featuring incredibly unorthodox uses of technology presented in an informative and friendly manner. Technology is often presented as something that is exclusive, kept from those not in the know. But it doesn’t have to be unreachable and boring—you can be creative with it. @himynameismatthew is a chance to show that […]


A team aspires to create a sneaker, constructed with the artisanal touch of a dress shoe. Made the old fashion way.

Dusty Mei

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I created Dusty Mei, a small business of hand-crafted concrete projects. I had started it about six months into the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic. At the time, I was chained to my computer screen working around the clock. I found myself unmotivated and uninspired.


Trapped by misfortune and poverty in Ghana, two young men, Felix and Emmanuel, devote themselves to boxing as their way out.

Holiday Slay Shuffle

I’m a Copywriter who has a love for long-form copy. Somewhere between growing up doing country-western line dancing and my love of the holidays, I came up with Holiday Slay Shuffle.

The Furious Curious Podcast

The Furious Curious unpacks the weird and wonderful of modern cultural phenomena. We’ll give you answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had: why is Normcore a thing? What is Yacht Rock? Why did Marie Kondo take off? Can mullets ever look good? (Spoilers, they can).

and then I realized I was the one holding myself back.

I used to blame my parents for not allowing me to be who I wanted to be, but then I realized that I was the one holding myself back by allowing their negative words to affect how I was looking at myself. I would do great at something, then sabotage myself by convincing myself that […]

Moon Travel

For the last year, everyone has wished they could be on a different planet. When I saw the moon and an airplane on the same day, I decided to combine both into a cool composite shot. The result is inspiring.