Tarot Bean

What does your cuppa say about you? Tarot Bean is a set of tarot cards inspired by your daily cup o’ joe. Paired with a tarot reading, these cards aim to inspire and uplift during these trying times.

Soul of South Korea

Not just BTS, Blackpink and Gangnam Style. There is more to South Korea than people think.

and then I realized I was the one holding myself back.

I used to blame my parents for not allowing me to be who I wanted to be, but then I realized that I was the one holding myself back by allowing their negative words to affect how I was looking at myself. I would do great at something, then sabotage myself by convincing myself that […]

Moon Travel

For the last year, everyone has wished they could be on a different planet. When I saw the moon and an airplane on the same day, I decided to combine both into a cool composite shot. The result is inspiring.

Ceramic Buddies

With the pandemic and the isolation that came with that, I turned to ceramics for some company. I started making my own “ceramic buddies”.

I am Africa

I am a proud African woman. Africa made me The gold represents the wealth of African that we never get to see on TV.


My NFT collection ‘FUNKY FLOWERZ’ consists of 9 different flower species, each one with 300 unique variations to total 2700 in all. I mapped out an intricate hierarchy of rarity by including different bugs and adding special edition colorways.

Self reflection

The thing about side projects is that you’re never sure if you’re any good at it, to keep doing it. And because you don’t keep doing it, you never get good at it.