The Bashful Boys

Have you ever seen a pug in a Halloween costume? It’s cute—but it’s also very, very sad. They look ashamed. Defeated. Embarrassed. For this portrait series, I aimed to portray a few of today’s (seemingly shameless) political figures in an unfamiliar emotional state: that of a pug squeezed into a polyester unicorn straight jacket.

Breaking Curses

Escaping to NYC and moving up the ad industry ladder only heightened my trauma. I had to return to Mississippi to confront just how deep the toxicity can be for a poor, black, gay peripatetic.

Woke Up Wet

Woke Up Wet is a collection of illustrated weird erotic dreams donated by real people from around the world.

Monumental Transformation

This photo series documents the transformation of the memorial to Confederate general Robert E. Lee along Monument Avenue, not far from where my wife and I live in Richmond, Virginia.

Vomit Comics

One fine day I sat on my stoop, attempting to “live in the present” – as all the hustle-culture articles said I should be doing – while absorbing some much needed Vitamin D.

Careless Bears

Introducing the Careless Bears NFT collection. This 100 1:1 uniquely hand drawn non-programmatically generated Careless Bears collection has been the most ambitious side hustle I’ve ever created. Cause frankly it has consumed my life, my nights and weekends when I’m not working my full-time job.

Covid’s A Beach

n this photo series, I documented beach-goers during the first summer of the pandemic, in 2020. After what seemed like an eternity being cooped up alone in my apartment, I decided to dust off my bicycle and ride up to a local beach with my camera, just outside of Boston.

A statue to Félicette, the first cat in space.

In the age of feline obsession on the internet, practically nobody knows that a cat has been to space. Félicette’s mission lived in the shadow of the more famous Astrodogs and Astrochimps.

Glimpses from a virtual roadtrip

GLIMPSES FROM A VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP is an ongoing painting project, which I started at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.