Woke Up Wet

What the project is about?
Woke Up Wet is a collection of illustrated weird erotic dreams donated by real people from around the world.

How has it all started?
During the first wave of the pandemic people had limited space and opportunities to meet their needs. For a lot of singles sexual life dropped to the level of zero. After the primary shock, people’s subconscious began to come up with the strangest scenarios. And the dream production started to implement it.

One of these quarantine mornings Aistė remembered her weird erotic dream – so vivid and exciting that it was worth preserving. She asked Lina to make an illustration of it, giving her full freedom to interpret the verbal story.

This led to an idea of reaching out to other people and trying to collect more of these dreams. With a special Tinder profile (which was banned due violating community rules), during a period of 6 months, we collected several dozens of donated dreams.

And we turned this collection into instagram.com/wokeupwet