*Note: Project is complete but not live (yet) on OpenSea as of this submission but will be released ASAP.

I was sitting in a Korean BBQ restaurant scrolling through Twitter when I read a 12-year-old made a sensational NFT collection called ‘Weird Whales’. I was intrigued by and had been following the explosion of crypto and digital art all year, including NBA TopShot, Fewocious, and CryptoPunks.

Weird Whales’ simplicity opened the door for me and inspired me to take action. Looking around the room, my eyes settled on a pot of flowers by the cash register and the idea hit me like a lightning bolt.

My NFT collection ‘FUNKY FLOWERZ’ consists of 9 different flower species, each one with 300 unique variations to total 2700 in all. I mapped out an intricate hierarchy of rarity by including different bugs and adding special edition colorways.

All of the pieces were made by hand (I’m not a coder) so it was incredibly rewarding to complete the project after painstakingly coloring each one.