Mingle’s House

Mingle’s House is part junk shop, part museum, and part cult. Born out of a reverence for discarded and weird “junk”, it’s a place where oddball objects, bizarre books and handmade treasures are celebrated for their weirdness and the latent messages they carry.

Mingle, the half-dog-half-baby-clown mascot of the project, is an inter-dimensional scavenger who scours the vast expanses of time and space for objects to bring pleasure and joy to mankind. The Minglers (Mingle’s followers) are charged with documenting these objects and disseminating them across the planet via the online store and social media. The Minglers, being multitalented themselves, also create Mingle Merch like bumper stickers, buttons and Pebblins (our version of Pet Rocks), all in the effort to spread Mingle’s message of joy an unabashed quirkiness.