Mingle’s House

Mingle is an inter-dimensional scavenger who scours the vast expanses of time and space for objects to bring pleasure and joy to mankind!


A team aspires to create a sneaker, constructed with the artisanal touch of a dress shoe. Made the old fashion way.

Dusty Mei

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I created Dusty Mei, a small business of hand-crafted concrete projects. I had started it about six months into the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic. At the time, I was chained to my computer screen working around the clock. I found myself unmotivated and uninspired.

CareBox UAE

The UAE was full of businesses selling gifts, all intended to make happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries more special. But what about the tough times like being isolated due to testing positive for COVID-19 or recovering after a surgery. Flowers and chocolates are great gifts, but they can only cheer someone up for a […]

Parks and Landmarks

As a lover of all things nature, I created the commerce site Parks and Landmarks to help fund our 63 national and state parks and other natural places. With budget cuts threatening their day-to-day business, parks struggle to raise enough money for their operation and upkeep.

Donald Trumps

Donald Trump’s attitude of tweet before he speaks has dropped him in hot water on many occasions. After 4 turbulent years in office, Donald Trump’s presidency ended with the blocking of all his social media platforms.

The Game

We took America’s favorite news teleprompter and turned it into a board game. The goal is to read the news without laughing. Other players sabotage a mad-libs-style news story, selecting words & phrases like “gyrating” “undiagnosed drip” and “horny cousin” to get the newscaster to break. It’s just a hoot.

It’s On Meet

Since I was a student in Ad School, we were encouraged to network with people in the industry that we admired and we’d like to work for.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Trivia Travel Game

There’s no question that I owe most of my extensive historical knowledge to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989). So when I was approached by Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment to design a board game in Bill & Ted’s honor, with the film rights securely in hand, I strummed my air guitar in excitement.

Your Social Engagement

When it comes to announcing your engagement, there’s no better way to share the news than with a fire hashtag.