Give Em’ Helvetica

If there can be blind photographers (true story), there can be type blind graphic designers. I wrote and produced a short film about a graphic designer named Eric Hutner who has a medical condition called “Type Blindness.” In the first week of it’s release we broke 2,250 views. I’d also like to thank Director Thomas Wohlford and the Director of Photography A.E. Davis.

To help tell Eric’s story we built him an online portfolio where the video helps visitors understand his condition before checking out his design work. 

To help Eric find other Type Blind people in the design community, we posted flyers around NYC, targeting the neaighborhoods and streets where we’d be sure to catch the creative communities eye.

We set up Eric’s LinkedIn profile to connect with creatives, agencies and design firms, driving traffic to the film and website. To game the feed, Eric posted links to horrible design he loved, shared his video to boost awareness, and FAQ about his condition. He also asked for help picking out new fonts for his website after he was told the one he used was illegible.

Within a week, Eric connected with over 1,100 people in the industry including agency Founders, CCO’s and ECD’s at the top agencies and design groups around the country. He currently has over 2,000 connections. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t exist.

A few headhunters even reached out to Eric about work opportunities. Not even joking.

Here’s his profile if you’d like to connect.