Timephibian Fighter Frogs

What if there were giant, time-traveling cyborgs that were part frog and part fighter-jet submarine with cockpit canopies for eyes and giant lily antennae growing out of their heads?

Love & Lethal Endings

In the darkly comedic short film “Love & Lethal Endings,” a seasoned hit woman takes center stage as a guest on a dating podcast’s Valentine’s Day special.

Metal Health Awareness

Music benefits mental health, but some question whether that still applies to the chaos and aggression heavy metal brings to the table. According to recent studies, it really does. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we promoted this with playlists featuring some of the darkest stuff the metal community has to offer.


An AI-powered search engine that will tell you if a public figure is a nepo baby or not.


Mediabrands laid me off. I wrote five songs in the emotional aftermath!