The Avail List

The Avail List highlights all of the amazing and available talent out there who are ready to go to work.

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The (New) Side Show

Welcome, Welcome Welcome (back)! After a long delay, The Side Show has returned. So what happened and what’s new? Let’s get into it.

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Family Matters

When I’m not working I get anxious. It’s one of the reasons I hate freelance. And as my wife eased into her third trimester my last gig ended and I knew what the market looked like.

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The Creative Kitchen

I learned more about how creative teams should be run from watching shows about restaurants than I have from working in most ad agencies.

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Finding Your Home

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned there are three questions I need answered for myself when I look for full-time work.

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Balance the Scales

$30,009,833. That’s the average Cannes Lions submission fee this year multiplied by the total number of submissions last year.

This isn’t a rant about award shows though. This is a potential solution to the diversity problem the ad industry is having.

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Don’t leave money on the table. Don’t leave money on the table. Don’t leave money on the table. Yesterday I saw a job listing looking for a freelance ACD/CD that was stupidly underpaid.

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Josh D. Weiss, Advertising Failure

I’m an advertising failure, and that’s what drives me. I haven’t won any awards. My campaigns haven’t broken the cultural zeitgeist and it befuddles me when people say they look up to me.

However, the reality is that even though I’m looking up towards giants and comparing myself. There are other people out there who look up and see me.

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