CareBox UAE

The UAE was full of businesses selling gifts, all intended to make happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries more special. But what about the tough times like being isolated due to testing positive for COVID-19 or recovering after a surgery. Flowers and chocolates are great gifts, but they can only cheer someone up for a few moments. People, especially those extroverts who found their energy in meeting others or parents whose life revolved around their children, needed something more useful and lasting to help them get through the difficult period.

And that’s why CareBox UAE was created. Each tool in the CareBox was designed to help people stay mentally stimulated and uplifted through screen-free activities. In bringing this to life, we worked with 22 local businesses across UAE and India to provide products such as Paint By Numbers Kit, homemade Therapy dough infused with essential oils, origami kits, gratitude journals, and much more. The CareBoxes provided products for all 5 senses, and we made it an immersive experience by packing them up in biodegradable bubble wrap for stress-relief, curated playlist to set the vibe, affirmation word search wrapping paper and a video greeting card, activated through a QR code.

CareBox UAE was the first care package local business in the country with tools intended to help someone cope through difficult time periods. CareBox became gesture to show all those battling their issues alone that there are people rooting for them outside, and supported the recipients in staying mindful and uplifted.

CareBox UAE’s IG handle – @careboxuae

Types of CareBoxes we sold:

– Craft Box: Paint By numbers Kit, Air Modelling Clay and Tools set, Tie Dye Kit, Calm Colouring Book and colour pencils
– Mindfulness Box: Motivational Book (Ikigai or Good Vibes Good Life), Therapy Dough with essential oils, Backflow Incense Burner or Honeysuckle candle, DIY Plant Kit, Gratitude Journal
– Balance Box: Jigsaw Puzzle or Origami Kit, DIY Plant Kit, Chamomile and Honey Tea or Amalfi Coast Candle, Daily Journal, Stress Ball