CareBox UAE

The UAE was full of businesses selling gifts, all intended to make happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries more special. But what about the tough times like being isolated due to testing positive for COVID-19 or recovering after a surgery. Flowers and chocolates are great gifts, but they can only cheer someone up for a […]

Voting Art – ?? Free-to-use, non-partisan art intended to help spread the vote. ??

Being born in South Africa and being on a Visa, I can’t vote in the US.

A few months before the 2020 presidential election, I started the instagram account @votingart with my friend Aurèlie Diaz (who is French and cannot vote either).

We created, commissioned and gathered over 130 pieces of non-partisan and free-to-use art from the most talented artists – all with the sole intention to encourage and spread the vote.

A statue to Félicette, the first cat in space.

In the age of feline obsession on the internet, practically nobody knows that a cat has been to space. Félicette’s mission lived in the shadow of the more famous Astrodogs and Astrochimps.

The Solo Kama Sutra

In 2020, COVID-19 has put us in self-isolation, it was a tough moment to everyone and it was even worse for single people, amplifying the feeling of isolation. Thinking of it, we wanted to help.