Breaking and Entering Advertising

Breaking into advertising feels like pulling off a grand heist. So, we live to share the stories and advice of those who are rocking it in the industry to help the next generation of ad talent. Every segment and extension Breaking and Entering creates is designed to reduce the barriers people face to getting a job in creative communications.

Weekly interview episodes ask the industry’s best how they broke into advertising.

We also host an award show for aspiring advertisers called the Crowbar Awards. The winning team is sent an actual blue crowbar and gets to record a podcast episode with that quarter’s guest judge.

Past judges have been: Greg Hahn (Mischief), Kellyn Blount (Preacher), Eric Kallman ( Erich & Kallman), Thas Naseemuddeen (Omelet) and soon to be Gerry Graf.

Geno travels and speaks to college students across the country.

“Pressing” is our podcast segment that interviews advertising trade journalists.
“ADjunct” is where we interview the best ad educators worldwide.

“Breaking with Brian Bonilla” is a biweekly episode where Geno and Brian discuss what is trending in the ad world (Brian is a senior agency reporter at Ad Age)

“Blueprint” is a deep-dive segment addressing singular topics from 5 min-5 hours in length.

“Talent Unmasked” is our version of the creative 100. We select 20 of the best aspiring advertisers nationwide to give them the spotlight.