Breaking and Entering Advertising

Breaking into advertising feels like pulling off a grand heist. So, we live to share the stories and advice of those who are rocking it in the industry to help the next generation of ad talent. Every segment and extension Breaking and Entering creates is designed to reduce the barriers people face to getting a job in creative communications.

Functioning: A Sobriety Podcast

Alcoholism isn’t funny, but recovery is… kinda. Functioning: A Sobriety Podcast focuses on the recovery of functioning alcoholics and rock bottom risers with an insightful humor that brings light to a heavy subject.

The Furious Curious Podcast

The Furious Curious unpacks the weird and wonderful of modern cultural phenomena. We’ll give you answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had: why is Normcore a thing? What is Yacht Rock? Why did Marie Kondo take off? Can mullets ever look good? (Spoilers, they can).


In a world increasingly lacking in dialogue, communication and justice, together we (Lana, Débora and Fernanda) wanted to democratize access to content that contributes to a greater awareness of the fact that we build justice in our daily lives, change the idea that these subjects are be monopolies of an institution, and create a space for dialogue.

Resting Binge Face

Resting Binge Face is a podcast my friend Adam and I came up with one day when discussing shows we recently binged. It means a lot to both of us because, even though we work in TV, we never felt like we were actually contributing to something we liked.

The Keanuseurs

A podcast that answers the age-old question: is every single Keanu Reeves film just a version of the Matrix?

The Bad Podcast

Getting into the ad industry is hard. Like, really hard. Why? Because there’s no “right way” to do it!

ADcademics Podcast

ADcademics is a podcast that aims to help expose students and entry-level talent to the many different career paths available in the advertising/marketing industry.