Ad Adderall

A book of spells and cheat codes for ad creatives.

From Rich Men To Corporate America

The viral hit “Rich Men North of Richmond” succeeds at conveying a collective dissatisfaction about how our country runs, but right now, we need action – not apathy – to instigate real change in the U.S. political system.

Virginia is for Lovers, not Political Agendas

Governor Youngkin’s appearance in a “Virginia is for Lovers” ad demonstrates the fine line between the power of persuasion and the art of deception. Is the video a feel-good piece promoting Virginia Tourism? Or did a politician leverage my beloved state’s brand for his own personal agenda?

Can Brands End Gun Violence?

Our country touts a brand promise of freedom, but are we truly free when we live in a world where people are regularly shot and killed? The majority of Americans want gun control. If our elected officials keep ignoring what’s important to us, perhaps brands can make them listen.


Hollywood stereotypes have always been easy to poke fun of. But with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes putting everything on hold, we pray, now more than ever, for them to pump life back into the industry.


A dive into a pop culture soaked subconscious where John Lennon’s death is rewritten, pizza delivery stories become acceptance speeches, and a man named Chaz helms a crime operation that risks a water shortage and busted eardrums.

Coat Check

This is a short story that takes a harsh look at the sometimes disheartening and disillusioning realities of young love. After working coat check for a campus charity gala, the story idea struck me like a mallet. I wrote it feverishly over the course of three nights.