The Essential Time Management Guide

“Talent Show in the morning and Dance Recital at night. Boy, was it trouble!”

Colleen Finn has been perfecting her Time Management skills since she was a child, as this diary entry from her 6-yr old self shows. Does it help that she’s bipolar? You betcha. It’s kind of like a superpower. But Colleen is here to teach mere mortals how to make the most out of their time, set priorities and add in a side hustle or two on top of that 9 to five, to keep the creative passions alive. It’s like if Marvel produced a lecture on Time Management.

Colleen Finn is a Graphic Designer, Instructor, Illustrator, Creative Director, Swim coach, Architect, Crafter and Vinyl Toy aficionado. She has taught Design at the Creative Circus for 14 years and is now focused on private Portfolio Consultation and Creative Counseling. She has been lecturing on the subject of Time Management for over a decade.