Escape while you can?

It’s not just you. Everyone, if not most folks, are looking for an escape route out of the ad game. At least the ones I’ve spoken with.

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Cancel “Should”

“I should be at xyz agency. Not making banners.” – Junior
“I should be a senior creative by now.” Mid-level creative
“I should be making six figures.” – Everyone underpaid in advertising 
“I should have an award in advertising by now.” – all creatives

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Criticize your inner critic

As a writer, our inner critics will berate us worse than anyone out there. It’s like these voices in our head are mentally preparing us for the worst to be said yet paralyzing us with crippling fear at the same time. 

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What You Do is Not Who You Are

I am so disheartened by the huge swaths of people losing their jobs on our feeds. Not just big tech layoffs, every lay off, from individuals who work in small businesses to mid-size firms and entrepreneurs who have had to shutter their doors.

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