I got let go, so I let go

Originally published on LinkedIn in May, 2023.

I got let go, so I let go.

Like the millions of others on this platform, my job was affected. My time spent at BBDO NY was nothing short of phenomenal. I worked on game-changing campaigns during my time there, and forged life-long friendships. I was fortunate to have worked under some of the industry’s top-tier talent and be mentored by them.

But this lay off hit different.

In the pandemic, it was my first rodeo. Anxiety and fear grabbed the wheel, as I burned myself out applying to jobs and freelancing. And never did I take some time off to reflect, assess and process my feelings around what happened. I was in survival mode for months, the de facto setting of most immigrants. 

This time around, I was privileged to have enough savings in order to take a break and disconnect from it all. Because when will this pause in time happen again, it’s rare to be honest. I also knew better. 

I didn’t mentally berate myself because this wasn’t performance based. 
I didn’t freak out because I have a network that has been supportive.
I didn’t spiral into depression because I’ve been here before, and it panned out fine.

All that said, I invite those who have the ability to rest to do so, this sliver in time seldom happens, and when you jump into a new opportunity you’d wish you’d have before (been there.) As for me, being fully recharged and refreshed, I am jumping back in the freelancing arena for all things copywriting, so holler at your girl! 

And like always, I will help refer you to anyone in my circle if I can’t jump on it. 


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