Soopa Doopa Totem

This piece is one component of a larger, more complex image, extracted out to showcase it on its own. This will also be included as part of a series of ‘portraits’ I’m working on. The meaning of this particular illustration is loosely based on a trip I took to Viet Nam.

Columbia Red Tails

Now that the Washington Football Team is (finally) rebranding, I felt like this was a unique chance to do more than just a simple name/logo/uniform change. My suggestion, The Columbia Red Tails, would give the NFL a radically different brand that would stand out amongst the other teams and target two marginalized groups that the league would be wise to better market towards.


Philosophers is a typeface for words that are meant to be seen as well as read. With dozens of uppercase ligatures and robust OpenType features, Philosophers creates beautiful wordmarks that balance expression and legibility.

Humans of Prague

It meant the world to me. It was during my long university adventure in Prague. Everytime when I was walking through the Old Town, next to the Astronomical Clock I was lucky enough to discover new people through lenses of my camera. It could be two older ladies in black and white fur, a couple that was watching the clock when everyone was making a picture with their smartphones, a brotherhood of older best friends, contemplation of one man, or just the pure happiness of a “bubble man”… Each picture is infused with emotions, I hope you can feel it too. There are many differences between them, but they have one thing in common, they are the “Humans of Prague”.

Pets in Charcoal

I’ve always loved studio art, particularly as a distraction from what I view as actual work. After a few friends asked me to draw their pets, I realized how much I enjoyed watching charcoal smudges turn to snouts, to soft hair, to shiny little eyes. While I aim for realism, my favorite parts of the finished pet portraits are the smudges that remain and marks that reveal my own hand. I continue to welcome fun commissions as a complement to my brand management day job.

QuaranTeen Magazine

In the early days of the quarantine our friends and co-workers were experiencing new highs and lows. Maria had this idea to survey everyone and collect the most interesting responses about how people were feeling about the pandemic.

Dark, Dark

More interesting than what is seen is what is not seen. “Dark, Dark” is an effort in intrigue. Intentionally not showing subjects. An effort to construct noir on the beach.

Oil Painting Photography Collection

I’ve always loved art since I was a kid. When I was younger, this is some of my art in oil paintings that I did. I recently photographed some of them and felt this was a perfect place to showcase them.

Taco Magazine!

Taco Magazine is a fictional magazine that finally intersects feminism with Mexican cuisine. Take a bite out of that!

On the technical side, I did it all: I designed the covers in MS Paint and Photoshop, wrote headlines and sold them as prints at comic festivals.