Partnership For A Trump-Free America

The idea for Partnership For A Trump-Free America was born out of the idea that Trump is a danger to democracy like drugs are a danger for kids. The film parodies the original ad to show the unfit role model Trump has bestowed on America and their kids. The social component parodies the Just […]

Money Mavericks

I was a child of the 80’s and grew up with little to no financial education. I entered my adult life not knowing how to manage my own finances. In my 20’s I made a lot of terrible financial decisions that pushed me deeper and deeper into debt. By 26, I drained my 401k savings and was about to get another credit card to extend my line of credit when a miracle happened. I was given a second chance.

Don’t Touch The Arts

Breast cancer it’s the fifth most deadly in the world. But there is a lack of information about it. And that’s the reason that a lot of people aren’t doing their self-exam, that’s the first step to identify the disease.

The Tributary Project

Most marginalized groups can learn their history, traditions and culture from family. But LGBTQ+ people miss out on this sense of community since most queer folks don’t have queer parents.

Cancelled Gig Posters

If we were in the correct timeline, at some point this year you’d be leaving a concert with a rolled-up poster under your arm, ears ringing and still singing. Alas, 2020 hit us all like a stage dive gone bad.

Masks for the Gram

It’s 2020, there’s a pandemic, people won’t wear their damn masks. This project started from a simple play on words, “do it for the gram” where in place of Instagram, people are taking action for Grandma, recognizing and promoting that the actions we take are greater than ourselves.

Noisemaking Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an easy, accessible way to fight viruses and bacteria (including Covid-19). So we pitched an idea to a healthcare client to give people an extra reward for using hand sanitizers by rigging them to make Super Mario power-up noises. The client didn’t shut the idea down cold before we even did a proof-of-concept…but I knew we were onto something. So, for the good of humanity, I decided to just make it myself. I learned to program Arduino and solder, and when the thing was done, I stuck it on the side of the YMCA in downtown Seattle and observed the results.

Swipes for Good

In early March, COVID-19 hit New York and everything changed. Bars and restaurants were closing their doors, gig workers were out of a job, and people all over the city were trying to figure out ways to help.

If I Were A Man

Gender inequality sucks big time. We know it because we live it. And even though we’ve been making great strides in the workplace, gender inequality still continues to rear its ugly head. The first step to overcome this is to talk about it, and that’s not easy.

Black Creativity Matters

A big reason why the ad industry has a diversity problem is because the most popular way into the industry for young creatives –– portfolio school –– is also the biggest barrier of entry for many young Black creatives. So Denver Ad School decided to rally ad agencies all over the country to show that we believe Black creativity matters by starting a scholarship fund to ensure that all Black creatives who want to attend a portfolio school can come to DAD for free. In the 3 months since the initiative began we’ve received over 40 enrollment applications from young Black creatives all over the country and have partnered with many agencies including Crispin Porter Bogusky, Venebles Bell & Partners, David & Goliath, TDA Boulder, and more. Thanks to these agencies and all of our new partners that are joining every day, we’re going to infuse more Black voices and talent into an industry that desperately needs them.