After years of ignoring dealing with my anxiety and depression, it got so bad that I was forced to finally seek help or lose everything. Therapy and medication saved my life and, once feeling better, I realized that the reason I didn’t seek help was because of the negative stigmas associated with men talking about their feelings and society’s view of mental health in general.

Pinball Cider

Having worked with a range of craft beer brands throughout the course of my career, I’ve always been pretty passionate about the craft beverage industry. I figured the pandemic was a good excuse to dive a little deeper and develop my own brand of hard cider. Named after a love of Pinball I share with my cider assistant/5 year old daughter, I created Pinball Cider as a way to push the boundaries of what can be done or should never be done with hard cider.

Sneaker Pots

SneakerPots are handmade ceramic sneaker planters. A perfectly unique accessory for sneakerhead interior decor. After graduating from the Creative Circus last fall, I had some extra time to get crafty in my garage. 6 weeks later I purchased and have been selling my sneaker planters online ever since. I did it because I wanted to start a business that encompasses my love for sneaker culture and my ability to craft.