After years of ignoring dealing with my anxiety and depression, it got so bad that I was forced to finally seek help or lose everything. Therapy and medication saved my life and, once feeling better, I realized that the reason I didn’t seek help was because of the negative stigmas associated with men talking about their feelings and society’s view of mental health in general. 

The topic is very taboo. So, I decided to try to help BREAK those taboos. But how? I finally decided on creating a line of t-shirts with slogans designed to help people ‘own their mental health stories’ and overcome the stigmas, with a sense of optimism and humor. People use t-shirts to do everything to show support for a political candidate to sports teams to tv shows, why not do the same thing for mental health? 

So I launched, where people can own their story and help others realize they are not the only ones dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ptsd, etc. That they are not the only ones struggling. And to do it in a way that’s fun, funny and fearless. A portion of each sale benefits the wonderful organization Mental Health America. I’m proud of this business.