We, but Me – A Book for Twins (Or Any Two Peas in a Pod)

I’m complete crap at carpentry, so building my kids a tree house was out of the question. But I really wanted to make something special for my twin daughters. So I wrote “We, but Me” as a legacy gift to them.

This 32-page picture book celebrates the closeness of twins while emphasizing the importance of individuality. Most picture books are written by an author, and then the publisher or editor selects an illustrator without any input from the writer.

Since the co-creator/illustrator, Kai-Hua Cheng, and I met at an advertising agency, we’ve wanted to see if the creative partnership from the ad world could translate to crafting a kids’ book. So far, the book has gotten into a dozen indie-book stores and a couple of libraries.

It’s been reviewed by a renowned psychologist who specializes in twin studies and it also got me a guest spot on a podcast. And after all of that, my kids would still rather have a tree house instead.