I have been an active podcast listener and podcaster for years. Recently, I have been interested in exploring creative formats for podcasts that were outside the traditional interview/ true crime/docu-style type shows that currently dominate podcasting. I gravitated towards the idea of a sleep podcast because I thought it would be relatively easy to produce, the sleep podcast space wasn’t overly crowded and it was something positive I could make (that is a podcast to help people get better sleep).

Originally, I thought about reading textbooks (honestly nothing puts me asleep faster than reading a textbook) but was worried about potential copyright issues. I started thinking about what else I could read and thought that Terms of Services would be a great fit because they are boring, not read by anyone, people agree to countless numbers of these in their daily life and maybe those that listen could learn something. Thus Ts&Zzz was born!

Ts&Zzz is a podcast to help you fall asleep by reading the most boring text on the internet; terms of service agreements, terms and conditions, and privacy policies. We have all agreed to countless numbers of these contracts in our lives but have never actually read them and probably never will. Instead, we are putting them to use to help people get better sleep and maybe even learn something along the way. Take a listen tonight and let me know your thoughts on the product. Hopefully, it works for you the same way it does for me.

Here’s to better sleep! ????