Song Saga – The Game that gets People Sharing the Stories & Soundtrack of their Lives.

Hello, I’m Eran Thomson from Song Saga – the game that gets people sharing the stories and soundtrack of their lives.

What makes Song Saga cool? Well for starters it’s a tabletop party game for adults that helps them reconnect with the music and memories that make them who they are.

And it’s the only card game that’s played along with your favourite music streaming app.

The gameplay is simple. Players draw prompt cards to spark some memories and then use search in their music app to play songs that go with their best life stories.

Some card example are things like: High school dance, road trip, first concert, wedding, or weed. (We hear a lot of Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson on that one.)

Whoever has the best song and story “set’ wins the round.

You don’t need to be a music nerd or experience junkie to win, but it helps if you haven’t spent your whole life on your mom’s couch

But the coolest thing about Song Saga isn’t winning, it’s the connections that are made while you play – discovering new things about your friends and reconnecting with your own stories and soundtrack, not to mention building a killer playlist every time you play.

There’s more in the box like gold card awards for giving props to your fellow players and we’ve even included the recipe for the perfect margarita.

So if you feel like celebrating your inner legend, I invite you to learn more at