Cut to July 31, 2014

My maternal grandmother asked me to write a memory about her. A Forget Me Not of sorts. But her request meant more than just something I’d scribble on a birthday card. She had dementia. She was losing her memories. And, sadly, she was aware of it. She’s the reason I started the #PyleOfMemories social media series which grew in popularity over the years. So much so that people started asking for it by name. Which is super weird since it’s my name and they were asking me for it. But whatever. Then they started suggesting that it should be a book.

“Thanks. But no thanks.” I said.

“It’s not as hard as you think. I’ll show you how.” An advertising copywriter-turned-author friend said.

“Well, I’ll only do it if it’s going to do some real good in the world.” I said.

So here we are. The first three chapters of what will become a book to help fund dementia research.

Hopefully by this time in 2022, I’ll be able to enter the finished memoir in The Sideshow Awards Social Good category.