OTHERWORLD is the product of a never-ending voyage of adventure, self-expression and freedom. As I pursued a career in advertising at agencies like Goodby, Naked and adam&eveDDB, I always maintained a passion for understanding the ideas, art and culture of other countries. My personal travels led me to Bali, Morocco, Turkey, Australia, Thailand, India and beyond, each country filling me with more wonder, gratitude and freedom than the last. It is this electric feeling that inspired OTHERWORLD – a women’s resort wear brand created to awaken the the bold, bohemian adventurer in all of us.

Each custom OTHERWORLD print utilizes photographs from my travels to far-away locales around the globe, and are digitally printed on luxurious, light-weight fabrics. OTHERWORLD kimonos can be worn in many ways – as a kimono, scarf, skirt, or dress – making them the ultimate travel companion. Our kimonos are true works of wearable art, designed to transport you to far away-locales and electrify the adventurer within.

Check out all the ways to wear OTHERWORLD here: https://www.otherworldapparel.com/pages/ways-to-wear-v2

I started the business with both wholesale and D2C sales channels. The brand was sold in over 50 retailers globally in just 18 months, including Neiman Marcus and Lord&Taylor. Our beautiful kimonos are now only available online at otherworldapparel.com.

It was a labor of love and a brand I’m still so proud to share with the world. I am the founder and marketing director.