OTHERWORLD is the product of a never-ending voyage of adventure, self-expression and freedom. As I pursued a career in advertising at agencies like Goodby, Naked and adam&eveDDB, I always maintained a passion for understanding the ideas, art and culture of other countries. My personal travels led me to Bali, Morocco, Turkey, Australia, Thailand, India and beyond, each country filling me with more wonder, gratitude and freedom than the last. It is this electric feeling that inspired OTHERWORLD – a women’s resort wear brand created to awaken the the bold, bohemian adventurer in all of us.

Anti Mosquito Coin

Mosquitoes are a big problem in Brazil. They multiply by placing their larvae on stagnant water. But did you know that if you put salt on water it can kill those larvae? YEAH! So we created little coins of salt you can throw on water after making a wish. I believe this idea puts on people’s hands an engaging and hopeful solution against the mosquitos. And raises awareness for this problem, which was already being neglected by the society even before the pandemic.

Of Wood & Weld

Of Wood & Weld was born out of a common boredom tragedy: I was staring at a screen for far too long. As an art director by day and running a design blog and freelance projects on the side, I quickly realized I needed to escape the screen and do something with my hands.

Money Mavericks

I was a child of the 80’s and grew up with little to no financial education. I entered my adult life not knowing how to manage my own finances. In my 20’s I made a lot of terrible financial decisions that pushed me deeper and deeper into debt. By 26, I drained my 401k savings and was about to get another credit card to extend my line of credit when a miracle happened. I was given a second chance.

ROAR | The Pleasure Shop for Her

Tired of having to approach sex through the male gaze, I came up with ROAR–the femme-focused sexual health and wellness brand designed to empower women through sex positivity and better sex education, something most states still lack today. As advocates of sexual health and wellness, we inspire all women to feel unapologetic about their sexual needs and desires, as well as their bodies, and to explore them without judgment or shame.

Not Your Babe

Not Your Babe it’s a lesbian apparel store. And so much more than that. I created NYB in 2016 when I realized there were no businesses focused on queer women. My aim was always to help empower lesbian, bisexual, and queer women buy wearing and employing them. Cool T-Shirts, bags, pins, and soon even a bathing section.

My Trusted Circle

After testing false positive for COVID-19, I realized how real the fear of social stigma is amongst patients who’ve tested positive. While I knew how important it is to notify those I’ve been in close contact with, I was scared of being judged and blamed.

NEV-R-BORED Games: We make fun ‘with’ you

NRB Games is a fully integrated developer of high-concept, easy-to-play, gameshow productions. This “side hustle” grew out of my “day job” skills of programming and coding plus my love of gaming, friendly competition and charity fundraising. The NRB goal is to create fellowship and leverage the camaraderie of group gaming as entertainment and a means to raise support and awareness for worthy causes. After years of hosting and producing ever-more elaborate gaming events frequently with a charity component, starting this silly company seemed logical. To date, NRB has raised awareness and thousands of dollars for organizations including Adaptive Design Association, Center for Black Equity, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Point Foundation and The Trevor Project among others.


We work with artists from around the world to create puzzles that advance culture, change, and friendship. Our limited-run puzzles are always socially relevant and unique – you won’t ever find this art anywhere else (except from the artist themselves!). This isn’t from your grandmother’s puzzle collection. Each artist is highlighted and interviewed so that people can connect to the art in new ways. And to put our money where our mouth is, we give 10% of each puzzle to a cause that the artist selects.

Little Pebbles

We’re a married couple who founded the store in 2016 (When I hit 2nd year at Huge as a product design lead) and my partner Dada has been in food & coffee industry for quite a while.

Before Huge, I’ve been in a startup where I was responsible for doing everything design related from UI/UX, research, marketing, industrial hardware as well as print design, and I always wanted to use the experience that I gained for our own business.