Never Be A Crime Scene

In 2018, the U.S. saw a total of 323 mass shootings. Beyond schools, there have been shootings at a nightclub, a synagogue, a church, a concert, a salon, a movie theater, a hospital and pretty much everywhere you’ve felt safe since you were born.

As a way to combat this horrific reality, we turned crime scene tape, the most symbolic sign of a shooting crime, into a gun reform initiative and call to action to get people to vote in the November ‘18 midterms.

Leading up to the election, we placed the yellow and black tape that reads as “This Should Never Be A Crime Scene Vote 11.6” in locations that represented the same locations where mass shootings have happened throughout the country. We took photos of the tape in these places and shared them on Instagram along with the stories they represented.

Word got out. Social influencers shared our message in their stories and The Drum wrote about us. Together, we inspired people to get their votes out for change.