Frosty Nails

I self-identify as a glitter enthusiast, and my Instagram account has become a digital extension of this very obsession. It’s simple—an adoration of all things that sparkle combined with a healthy dose of quarantine boredom birthed the Instagram account @_Frosty_Nails. Whether I post moving Tetris blocks on my nails or an unapologetic political statement, this account has morphed into both a space to express myself through design and a platform to amplify messages that must be heard.

Designing the digital illustrations alongside my “nailfies,” as we call them in the community, is my favorite part of my creative process for each post. This unique quality in my nail art posts enabled my account to reach milestones like working with popular nail polish brands I never expected would notice me. Specifically, these brand collaborations gave me the confidence to push the boundaries with my creativity even more.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to use art to impact the world, which is why I started an initiative on my Instagram account to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement. Together, myself and participating followers donated $884.03 to organizations supporting black voices. This experience has transformed what started as a creative outlet to hone my Photoshop and Illustrator skills into an online community that reminds me and others that, despite a tumultuous political climate and a global pandemic, there is still glitter and good in the world.