My first love: doodling for fun (Social Edition)

I used to be a biology major going pre-med freshman year, and when I decided I wanted to leave this major, I went back to my first love: doodling for the sake of doodling! I began to post art on an art instagram for fun while going to school (went into the TXC program as an Art Director) and work. Ever since, this social account was made, I got freelance gigs, got to illustrate a book, got to help illustrate a mural, got to make album covers for indie artists, etc, all through instagram!

Pep Talk Hotline

We created an Instagram account, “@ThePepTalkHotline.” The account features characters, each with their own phone number so that people can dial and listen to how these characters deal with life. These phone numbers only work in the U.S. We wanted to get people engaged through this interactive project in hopes that it will put a smile on the callers face during difficult times.

BoJack in real life

My favorite Netflix show “BoJack Horseman” is a cartoon, but the conversation the show has is as real as it gets. So I turned it into a real-world version and shared it on Instagram account @BoJackInRealLife. The content receives recognition through its fan community.

Call It Crazy

We’re tired of seeing these half-measures by the justice system lead to more racial injustice and bloodshed year after year.

My Trusted Circle

After testing false positive for COVID-19, I realized how real the fear of social stigma is amongst patients who’ve tested positive. While I knew how important it is to notify those I’ve been in close contact with, I was scared of being judged and blamed.

Frosty Nails

I self-identify as a glitter enthusiast, and my Instagram account has become a digital extension of this very obsession. It’s simple—an adoration of all things that sparkle combined with a healthy dose of quarantine boredom birthed the Instagram account @_Frosty_Nails. Whether I post moving Tetris blocks on my nails or an unapologetic political statement, this account has morphed into both a space to express myself through design and a platform to amplify messages that must be heard.

QuaranTeen Magazine

In the early days of the quarantine our friends and co-workers were experiencing new highs and lows. Maria had this idea to survey everyone and collect the most interesting responses about how people were feeling about the pandemic.


I’ve spent most of my life trying to be the most polite version of myself and most of my adult life trying to be more honest instead.

tbh is an illustrated series I made that leans into honesty and helps say things that might be better left unsaid.

@tripleentandre IG Cartoons

I fell in love with New Yorker cartoons in a doctor’s office waiting room, thumbing through The magazine. It was 2002 and I was 13 years old. I was in-and-out of doctors’ offices that year after a freak accident left me with a broken neck – a fractured C3 – from which I recovered nicely.

@AlexDrawsLetters IG Acct

What started out as a daily lettering exercise ended up becoming a tool for activism going all the way back to the 2016 nightmare election up to this current nightmare in 2020.