Cannes U Not?

My creative partner and I have worked together for four years, and we’ve always thought that it’s hilarious when brands show up to awards shows with activism campaigns. Especially when the brand the social issue have little to nothing to do with each other.

One fine day, at an agency summer party, we started joking around. I’d name a brand, she would name a social issue, and then we’d come up with a “hot pitch” to solve the social issue. After rounds of verbally playing the game, we decided it would make a pretty good card game. And the rest was history.

This game matters to us because we believe in brand activism – but only when it is genuine. It’s also fun to take the piss out of advertising every once in awhile.

We now present to you – “Cannes U Not?” : The Game of Ridiculous Brand Activism Campaigns.

Case Study One-Sheeter