Adults’ Time-Out

Adults’ Time-Out – what if we could think like Phineas and Ferb?

Phineas and Ferb – a Disney show about 2 kids inventing crazy stuff throughout 104 days of summer. And the “briefs” behind their ideas? They made them all up, taking inspo from whatever happens around them or whatever/whoever matters to them.

So, we copy them. We picture all inventions that we think the world needs (or at least we need) on a daily basis, draw them out, and post them on the Internet (and anxiously waiting for a loud Candace to come and bust us..).

Also, since we’re role-playing ourselves as kids, no science or logic is greeted here. We simply invent these with our 5-year-old brains, our keen hearts, and our shitty drawing skills.

Disclaimer: the following content is highly likely to disturb those who scientifically overthink.