ADcademics Podcast

ADcademics is a podcast that aims to help expose students and entry-level talent to the many different career paths available in the advertising/marketing industry. The show features 1-on-1 interviews with a diverse cast of talent representing leading agencies & brands. Guests discuss their career journey, what they do in their current roles, and offer up professional advice to listeners looking to break into the ad industry.

It means a lot to me because I understand first-hand how difficult it is to transition from college into a professional role in the ad industry. I also understand that not all students, especially minorities and first-generation college graduates like myself, have the ability and/or resources to go out and network at events and meet industry people, so it means a lot to me that I’m able to make it a little easier for some people to attain knowledge outside of the classroom for free.

I’ve always been passionate about helping people. ADcademics gives me the opportunity to use some skills that I’ve acquired in the past and give back.

Initially, it was my curiosity that sparked the idea. As a college student, I knew I wanted to work in advertising but was unaware of exactly where my skill set would fit best. The podcast gave me an outlet to sit down and have first conversations with a variety of people that practice different disciplines within advertising.

Once it was released to the public, I immediately started getting lots of good feedback from listeners about how much it’s helping them in their own personal journeys. That’s what continues to fuel me to continue moving forward with it.