ABC Stay Home with Me

ABC Stay Home with Me is a children’s alphabet book about the pandemic. We worked with 13 Canadian illustrators who each illustrated one spread. Each letter represents a different element of our new reality in a light-hearted, fun-to-read way. Each page has its own style, and one of the illustrators defined the color palette for the rest to follow to provide cohesion. The illustrators volunteered their time and skills, and all proceeds went to an organization called The Home Front which supports frontline healthcare workers. So far we have donated over $10,000. Zoe Share and I knew each other from the Toronto agency community, and at the start of the pandemic, we were both volunteering for The Home Front. 

Almost as soon as the pandemic hit I had the idea for a thematic alphabet book. I happened to mention it to Zoe on a call, and she had also been thinking of writing a children’s book. We both have toddlers, so it felt like a fairly natural creative project for us. We decided that evening that we would find illustrators to volunteer to work on one spread each and donate all proceeds to The Home Front. I’m passionate about illustration and design, so it meant a lot to me to have the opportunity to collaborate with some really amazing illustrators. We also got some fantastic media coverage, and the response we got from our community and purchasers was overwhelming.