ABC of Gender Identity

Gender identity is an important part of who we are, and how we express ourselves in the world. While only two binary genders used to be recognized, there is now a long and evolving list of non-binary genders that people identify with. ABC of Gender Identity is a guide to some of these genders, aiming to help the modern child – or adult -better understand themselves and those around them. 

An A to Z alphabet book, it is not a complete list of every gender, but a first step in raising awareness and acceptance of different identities. From discussions with various friends, coworkers and acquaintances I started to realize a sense of discomfort around the topic of gender expression, even from those who were supportive of it. Many people simply didn’t know the correct terminology to use, so avoided talking about it altogether. 

This phenomenon can cultivate a sense of fear of the unknown, leaving people feeling unaccepted and even more marginalized. A strong believer that knowledge conquers fear, I dug deep into the growing list of genders identities and compiled a list of 26 of the most encompassing expressions. The hope is to educate people on the correct terminology and open up the conversation around gender identity. Proceeds of my sales are donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality.