A mask you can’t buy

“This is a mask you can’t buy.”

@wordofmouth is a fundraising campaign created by LA-based copywriter Mustafa Ulker. He realized that wearing masks blocks our micro-expressions and that makes everyday communication harder than we used to.

After an elevator ride with his neighbors, Mustafa decided that masks can be used as a canvas for interactivity and fun.

So Mustafa wrote cheeky headlines and added them to masks to make strangers smile on elevators, grocery stores, etc,

Some of the lines:

Let’s eyebrow dance
Hug you soon!
Say cheese
Let’s speak eye
Blink twice if you need an air hug.

The project was launched with a limited 40 masks, handmade by LA artists; but they were not for sale. Word of Mouth shipped masks in exchange for donation receipts to COVID + BLM organizations (min of $29)

We also inspired people to customize their own masks by downloading our lines for free.

Generated donations over 1K
Generated countless similes.
Susan Hoffman gave it a thumbs up. (She owns six masks.)
Simon Jacobson (my friend) gets free stuff all the time. He wears a “today is my birthday” mask in Canada.