Lambos Music Video

We created a song and music video for the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, with audio clips from his podcast. It has lots of Lambos and crypto references. We even got his wife, Serena Williams, to tweet us.


Some LinkedIn Influencers have something to say. Many do not. This was an exercise in satire writing that’s rooted in the absurd length some influencers will go to get ~engagement~.


People who are missing aren’t always close to home. Often – especially in cases involving human trafficking – people end up being taken to other regions or countries.

True Colors

What if brand logos were as white as their leadership? Would you still shop these brands? Would you still follow them on Instagram? Would you think differently of a company if you found out that they were targeting the same cultures that they refuse to accept into their own? Do you care at all? True […]

Partnership For A Trump-Free America

The idea for Partnership For A Trump-Free America was born out of the idea that Trump is a danger to democracy like drugs are a danger for kids. The film parodies the original ad to show the unfit role model Trump has bestowed on America and their kids. The social component parodies the Just […]

My first love: doodling for fun (Social Edition)

I used to be a biology major going pre-med freshman year, and when I decided I wanted to leave this major, I went back to my first love: doodling for the sake of doodling! I began to post art on an art instagram for fun while going to school (went into the TXC program as an Art Director) and work. Ever since, this social account was made, I got freelance gigs, got to illustrate a book, got to help illustrate a mural, got to make album covers for indie artists, etc, all through instagram!

Pep Talk Hotline

We created an Instagram account, “@ThePepTalkHotline.” The account features characters, each with their own phone number so that people can dial and listen to how these characters deal with life. These phone numbers only work in the U.S. We wanted to get people engaged through this interactive project in hopes that it will put a smile on the callers face during difficult times.

BoJack in real life

My favorite Netflix show “BoJack Horseman” is a cartoon, but the conversation the show has is as real as it gets. So I turned it into a real-world version and shared it on Instagram account @BoJackInRealLife. The content receives recognition through its fan community.

Call It Crazy

We’re tired of seeing these half-measures by the justice system lead to more racial injustice and bloodshed year after year.