People who are missing aren’t always close to home. Often – especially in cases involving human trafficking – people end up being taken to other regions or countries. That’s why together with Impar (Instituto Ana Paula Moreno) we decided to show missing people on a world scale, through a project named #FindHope. 2019 was the year with the highest human trafficking rate of the decade. UN data say the problem affects 24.9 million worldwide. And to find and help the victims, the project seeks help through everyone’s eyes, adding the photos and data of these missing people to the photos that everyone sees on Instagram. On the date of each famous global event, the institution publishes photos of missing people using hashtags on the rise. Thus, when someone searches for the event, they are impacted by photographs of missing persons, increasing the chances of the victims to be found. The project happens in the hashtags of each important event – such as #Grammy2020, #EmmyAwards, #Oscar2020 and #SuperBowl.