The Essential Time Management Guide

Colleen will be here to teach mere mortals how to make the most out of their time, set priorities and add in a side hustle or two on top of that 9 to five, to keep the creative passions alive.

Embodied Creativity: Flow Edition

In this accessible vinyasa yoga-inspired practice, we’ll work somatically with movement and breath to tap into our creative energy and intuition.

Is This Working?

Hear tips & tricks on how to stand out, disrupt, and ultimately get seen from some of the best agencies in the world.

Side Business

The Mt. Freelance team shares advice for turning a side project into a side business and then open it up to questions and discussion.

MadWomen: The Podcast

Navigating the boy’s club of advertising is one thing, making it to creative director and above is a whole ‘nother level of accomplishment.