Welcome to the Show!

Hello, Namaste, Shalom, and Howdy! Welcome to the official awards show dedicated to all of the mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting side projects outside of the ad & design industries. We’ve all got another side to ourselves that we rarely get to show off, whether it’s that podcast about chihuahuas, recording your magnum opus from your bedroom, or fleshing out that wtf start-up idea you had a few months ago that turns out to be crazy successful. We’re dedicated to championing that side of you, you – the goofy side, the original side, the savory side – the you that goes far beyond your resume, your job title, or whatever else the industry puts worth to.

Because 99% of the time, the work you want to be recognized for, isn’t the banner ads you’re spending 5 hours a day on. And if you’re in the 1% please apply now to help us with web banners.

Sept 17th PST Midnight Deadline.

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Week Panels & Seminars

Positive Side Effects? Only with Creativity Week from The Side Show Awards. We might have ‘side’ in our name but diversity is the heart of The Side Show Awards. Our judges & panelists were hand-picked, our wishlists been filled, and we are thrilled with all of the talents that have joined the positive side snowball.

Our Creativity Week will be unstoppable with talents you’ve never seen together. The world is changing and we’re here to ask…you ready to join?

Creativity Week will take place October 26th through 30th. Tickets are available now!

About Us

Meet the mad men and mad women who decided to make a side project about side projects.


There’s nothing side about them. Our partners are the front and center of the ad game! Take a look here.


Where did this idea come from?

Side projects have always been a fun diversion, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, diversions have never been more welcome. Since there is no official entity that rewards side projects, we decided to make one.

Are you guys making millions of dollars from this?

No. The team is doing this out of the goodness of their own pockets and just wanted to do something fun and happy and uplifting. All submission and ticket fees will cover expenses related to the show. Once those are paid off all revenue will be directed back to increase each award’s payout. If you support what we are doing and want to donate, we would love you for it eternally. Please click here to do so.

What are you hoping to get from this?

More creatives creating on the side and more amazing judges seeing their work and connecting with before mentioned amazing ad creatives.

Ultimately what do you want?

To bring a light side to a very dark side in history. We won’t get into politics. But folks, we need creative stuff more than ever.

Can I enter one project into more than one category?

Yes! But you’ll have to pay for each category you enter that isn’t Social Good. So if you want to enter 4 categories for one project (and one is Social Good), you’ll need to pay $30.


Feeling like a really nice, good, kind person today that wants to donate? We’ll take it! We also will take any gift cards to Panera Bread.