Escape From Hel(L)

ESCAPE FROM HELL is a satirical board game about getting to Manhattan from Williamsburg during the horrific L Train “partial” shutdown in 2019 that affected over 225,000 commuters daily. The game follows the structure of Candyland – users roll the dice and follow the path. But if they land on a “Draw Card” space they’ll have to pick up a card that gives them some Hell. Each card gives a comical reason why the person has to move back – whether their ex shows up in their carshare, the ferry accidentally took them to the Rockaways, their bike got stuck in gridlock on the Wberg bridge, etc… you get it. We concepted the game, designed it, hired an illustrator to draw it, Kickstarted it, promoted it on social, developed a homepage for it, packaged it, worked with an oversees vendor to produce it, and to date mailed/fulfilled over 500 orders. It was a huge undertaking.